Fuming Fielder Attempts To Attack LA Clubhouse

Prince Fielder gets royally p.o.’ed at Guillermo Mota for plunking him, then tries to crash the Dodgers’ clubhouse after the game.

Prince Fielder

(Look out! Here he comes!)

• Tulsa, Oklahoma, has hopes to host the 2020 Olympics. If they can get a spokesperson like Katarina Witt, then we might just listen.

Reggie Wayne comes to Colts camp in a dump truck & decked out in construction worker gear. Your move, Clinton Portis.

• The NHL plans to suspend & not pay any players who get hurt during any Olympic summer training camp.

Frank Deford dresses down ESPN, calling the Worldwide Leader a “journalistic disgrace“.

• The New York Mets keep losing games & losing players. Is it 1962 again?

• Little Leaguer gets hurt while sliding into second, mom sues & eventually settles for $125,000. Only in America!

• Representing the great state of Florida - Congressman Lou Holtz?

• Argentinian fans take their soccer seriously - serious enough to riot in the streets when the start of the season is postponed.

Nyjer Morgan can find one good thing about being traded to the Washington Nationals: The nice red uniforms.