Florida State WR Passes Out In McD’s Drive-Thru

After a late night of partying, there’s pretty much nothing better than McDonald’s (which might explain Michael Phelps’ endorsement deal with the fast food joint). It’s greasy, it’s bad for you and it’s delicious. But after a night of alleged drinking and pot smoking, perhaps Florida State receiver Preston Parker should have settled for ordering a pizza, or seeing if there were any Ho-Hos in the cupboards.

Preston Parker DUI Falls Asleep in Drive-Thru

(Parker dozed off after his “no mustard” request @ McDonalds took 45 minutes)

WARCHANT.COM reports that Parker was arrested on Saturday night and charged with DUI after passing out at a McDonald’s drive-thru. Cops found him slumped over in his car with the engine running, his foot on the brake and the car in drive, where he had been for the past 20 minutes. It turned out that he was under the legal limit for alcohol, but tested positive for pot.

While his coach Bobby Bowden is doubtlessly a fan of nap time, doing it at a McDonald’s while high isn’t a good idea. Especially when you have a history like Parker’s: this is his third arrest in two years. After his last arrest in April 2008 on drug and weapons charges, Parker was placed on probation and ordered to complete a host of stipulations before rejoining the team. (Hey, at least he learned his lesson about weapons: this is progress.)

After that arrest, FSU officials made it clear to him and his lawyer that this was his last chance:

“I think he understands that he’s reached the end of the rope with this and he’s not going to be getting any other opportunities to turn it around,” Jason Weiss, Parker’s attorney, said at the time. “It’s been made very clear to him, to his family, to me through the university that he’s out of chances.”

And the university stuck to its guns, despite their desperate need for WRs next season: Bowden announced in a one-sentence statement today that Parker has been released from the team. But don’t rule out his pro career: at least he had his clothes on, which is more than we can say for some sports figures at drive-thrus.