From The Spitzer Files: Jordan Wasn’t ‘Client 23′

In case you were wondering, Michael Jordan didn’t solicit a prostitute like former New York governor Eliot Spitzer did, says the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

Michael Jordan parties hearty

But if you weren’t wondering that, and now you’ve heard he was rumored to be “Client 10″ to Spitzer’s “Client 9,” suddenly you have more questions than answers.

Because apparently there were “rumors that unnamed Client No. 10, who requested an Emperors Club prostitute for March 4 in Chicago, may have been Jordan,” writes the S-T’s Michael Sneed. He doesn’t say where the rumors were, just that they were rumors. That doesn’t seem very professional (The rumors that Sneed is Client 11, by the way? Absolutely false.)

Besides, if the greatest living basketball player is paying a lady to dress up as Bryon Russell so he can have his way with her, then he’s doing it wrong. Although that would have been a pretty slick trick for Jordan have gone to the Emperor’s Club under the assumed alias of B.J. Armstrong’s jersey number.