Fresno State Top Dogs as NCAA Baseball Champs

Hearty congratulations to the Fresno State Bulldogs for winning the College World Series. The Bulldogs from central California defeated the Bulldogs from Athens, Georgia, 6-1, to claim the 2008 NCAA baseball championship. (Not that Brooks minded the loss by his alma mater too much, as he was too busy chasing bunnies.)

Fresno State College World Series champs

Originally ranked as a 4th seed in the Long Beach regional, the Bulldogs became the lowest seeded team ever to clinch a NCAA national title in any sport. To put it in perspective, Fresno’s victory was like Siena or Winthrop beating Kansas or UCLA to win the Final Four.

As with any good underdog story, Fresno State had to deal with their share of adversity to make it to the top. And who better than ESPN to tell the tales of woe:

The Bulldogs were chased out of their familiar digs earlier in the tournament, forced to practice in the Arizona desert after a runaway truck driven by vandals damaged their stadium.

And for good measure, the team plane to the College World Series was rerouted 50 miles west of Omaha after struggling with weather problems on the trip from the West Coast.

We can just hear Chris Connelly’s soft-spoken narration over hauntingly solemn music, as the camera slowly pans across an empty Beiden Field. We’d be very surprised if we didn’t see such images on this Sunday night’s SportsCenter.

But here they are, a scrappy bunch of pups who just blasted past their BCS conference betters to give their school their first national title. And they pulled it off like Pat Hill’s Bulldog football squad - not afraid to play anyone, anytime, anyplace.

Again, kudos to the baseball Bulldogs from Fresno State University!

Stacy Johnson-Klein

If only Stacy Johnson-Klein was still on campus to help celebrate. It would have been a great excuse to put up more pictures of the former Fresno women’s hoops coach.