Milftastic Hoops Coach Loses $12.5M Off Ruling

You may recall back in December that former Fresno State women’s hoops coach Stacy Johnson-Klein went and won herself a $19.1 million dollar award from a jury in her sexual harassment trial. Well, like most civil suits with large awards, the FRESNO BEE reports that a judge has hacked that down to a more manageable $6.6 million, should she choose to accept it.

Stacy Johnson-Klein

Johnson-Klein has a little less than two weeks to accept the money on the table or pursue a new trial. This won’t take any heat off of the Fresno State administrators, though, as Klein’s case was merely the third major sexual harassment claim the school had to deal with from its athletics department — the school has handed out multi-million dollar judgments or settlements to former volleyball coach Lindy Vivas and former athletic administrator Diane Milutnovich, and that has politicians calling for heads to roll.

Higher-ups at the central California campus have come under fire from powerful state legislators in the last year since that string of high-profile cases thrust its athletics department into the spotlight.

“Democratic Sen. Dean Florez has called for Fresno State President John Welty to be fired in light of three sexual discrimination suits filed against the school.

‘This is an outrage,’ said Democratic Sen. Darrell Steinberg, member of a select committee formed to investigate the problem. ‘My faith is shaken that anything can change moving forward.’”

Yet another administrative assistant has recently filed suit, this time dealing with discrimination with the men’s hoops program. The university better put that 12.5 big large away for that, or if it manages to save its own skin - save it for football coach Pat Hill and his Moustache Riders - they’ll need the help to start beating on somewhat better competition than the dregs of the ACC come bowl time.

Pat Hill