Fresno St. Coaches Furloughed In Budget Mess

You might have heard that California’s finances are in such dire straits that Lenny Dykstra is shaking his head in disgust. In order to close a $26 billion budget deficit, the state was forced to pass a budget that includes drastic cuts to services such as health care and education. In fact, things are so bad that they’ve started taking down the “Hollywood” sign in order to use it for firewood. (That’s a lie.)

Pat Hill

One of the cost-saving measures is to force state employees to take two furlough (i.e. unpaid vacation) days every month. And the FRESNO BEE has proof that this means every state employee, as Fresno State AD Thomas Bosch is trying to come up with a program to place Bulldog coaches on furlough - even those whose sports are currently in season.

So please, have pity on Bosch - after all, do you want to be the person to tell football coach Pat Hill to stay home from fall practice today because of budget cuts? If this doesn’t end with Bosch getting a furluogh right to the face, it will be something of a miracle. (Although some Fresno State fans might think that the coaching staff already takes time off once the WAC schedule begins.)

Cost-cutting is not just impact Fresno State - the WAC announced last month that it would reduce the number of teams qualifying for the conference basketball tournaments to six and cut the qualifiers by up to three teams in other sports in order to reduce costs. So far Boeh has been tight-lipped about how the furlough program would impact Bulldog sports teams, referring to all plans as being in the “draft” stages.

But if you suddenly see the Fresno State football team having a car wash on Blackstone Blvd. to raise enough money so their defensive coordinator can afford to work on a gameplan against Boise St., you’ll know something is up. There’s also rumors that the team is getting rid of expensive “film” to scout teams and just hiring a kid with a “really good memory” to explain opponent’s past plays, but that’s unconfirmed.