French Soccer Coach Proposes After Loss To Italy

After suffering a terrible defeat and an early exit from Euro 2008, how do you explain it to the media? If you’re French coach Raymond Domenech, you try not to - by changing the subject and proposing to your girlfriend.

Raymond Domenech France soccer coach

(”How’s my hair?“)

Australia’s LIVE NEWS reports that Domenech was meeting with the press after France’s 2-0 loss to Italy, which knocked Les Bleus from the European tournament. When one reporter tried to ask Raymond about his future status with the team, the coach brushed aside the question & popped his own to long-time gal pal & TV reporter Estelle Denis:

“I have only one plan at the moment, it is to marry Estelle, and it is only this evening that I ask for her hand in marriage. I know that it is difficult, but it is in moments like these that one has need of everyone, and I need her.”

No, no, no, Raymond! You’re doing it all wrong! You’re not supposed to propose to your girlfriend unless you win the big game. Just ask Ian Johnson, the Boise State running back who knows how to do it right.

Despite the loss, did Domenech’s little ploy work? We’re not sure - Estelle has yet to make a decision. Raymond is certainly hoping for a ‘yes’ - he’ll need a provider once he loses his coaching job.