French Canadian Booted From Junior Team For Refusal To Sign Flag For Troops

LE JOUER FRANCAIS D’HOCKEY SE REND: The CANADIAN PRESS reports that a French Canadian Major Junior hockey player in New Brunswick has been booted from the team because he apparently refused to sign a Canadian flag ticketed to be sent to troops during the Holidays.

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Saint John Sea Dogs General manager Jacques Beaulieu said 20-year-old David Bouchard “was cut loose for not being a team player on the ice, and for not signing the flag.

It was signed by the entire Sea Dogs team for our soldiers who are fighting for us in Afghanistan. To me, not signing it is disgraceful.

We have grown men over there with little kids who are fighting for our freedom and fighting for our country. That’s a lack of character and a lack of respect for being a Canadian, and it’s just totally unacceptable.

Meanwhile, Bouchard claims there was a misunderstanding and that he thought that “someone told me that it was already signed for (sic) me.”

Appparently Bouchard, stuck in New Brunswick in the dead of winter (I’ve been there several times broadcasting hockey mind you) was so weighed down with personal committments and entertainment options (see the Swiss Chalet drive-thru) that he didn’t have time to autograph a flag for Canadian troops in Iraq.

It is a crazy story, but it all made sense in the end, when the CP reported the Bouchard is a -22(!) so far in 34 games this year for the Sea Dogs, so obviously he has no fundamental understanding of the importance of defense.