Fredi On Hanley: ‘Surprised’ If Not In Lineup Today

Appearing on WQAM-AM in Miami today, Marlins Manager Fredi Gonzalez addressed the playing status of Hanley Ramirez, who was recently benched by Gonzalez for not hustling and making subsequent, incendiary comments about the manager.

Hanley Ramirez Dogs It, Gets Removed From Game By Fredi Gonzalez

Gonzalez: “I would be surprised if … I would be really surprised if he’s not in the lineup (against St. Louis) today. We’ll take care of it, he’ll be in the three hole and playing shortstop and hopefully we’ll be shaking hands (after a win) after the game.

Gonzalez removed Ramirez from Monday night’s Marlins-Diamondbacks game in Miami because he thought the shortstop didn’t hustle while chasing a ball in the outfield. Ramirez was then benched for Tuesday’s game against Arizona.

The Marlins open a series today in St. Louis against the Cardinals.

Gonzalez, who indicated yesterday to reporters that Ramirez would not play again until he apologized, noted to WQAM today that he had not talked to the shortstop since Tuesday’s game and that he had seen no indication that Ramirez had apologized to any of his teammates.

The Marlins skipper also said Marlins staffers and baseball Hall of Famers Tony Perez and Andre Dawson attempted to counsel Ramirez on his behavior before Tuesday’s game.

Based on comments made in the media the past 48 hours, it appears that Gonzalez has full support of his players and owner Jeffrey Loria in the dispute with Ramirez. Though it is worth nothing that Gonzalez did not say Wednesday morning that Ramirez getting back into the lineup would be linked to an apology - something he contended on Tuesday.