Fredi On Hanley Starting Wednesday: “We’ll See”

The Marlins marched on without Hanley Ramirez Tuesday afternoon, defeating the Diamondbacks 8-0 behind two RBIs from Ramirez replacement Brian Barden and stellar pitching by Josh Johnson.

Hanley Ramirez and Fredi Gonzalez

Ramirez was benched today after not hustling during the Marlins 5-1 loss to Arizona last night and making incendiary remarks about Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez Tuesday morning.

Though Ramirez did not speak to the media after the team’s victory without him today, manager Gonzalez did address Ramirez’s current status with the team following the game.

Joe Capozzi of the PALM BEACH POST reported on Twitter after the game:

Fredi won’t say if Hanley will start tomorrow. “We’ll see.” Hanley still hasn’t apologized to the team.

Capozzi also had this from Cameron Maybin, who homered in Florida’s win today:

Cam Maybin on Hanley being benched: “We definitely support Fredi’s decision and we thought it was the right decision.”

Earlier today Ramirez teammate Wes Helms went on the record in support of Gonzalez, as did Marlins outfielder Cody Ross.

This current spat is ironic considering it stems from Ramirez attempting to play hurt. Last season the star shortstop and Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla were involved in a confrontation after Uggla questioned Ramirez’s desire to play through minor injuries.

After Tuesday’s game, Uggla said:

“This thing is gonna play itself out,” Uggla said. “We all love Hanley. We all support what skipper did. This is a small obstacle we’re going to get past and we’re going to move forward.”

From his postgame “we’ll see” comment, it sounds as if Gonzalez might be coming off his hardline stance of demanding a formal apology from Ramirez. Gonzalez and Marlins players have seen this sort of immature outburst from Ramirez before and realize that in this instance, the shortstop was actually trying to play through an injury.

Unless Ramirez absolutely refuses to budge off his comments earlier today, I would expect to see him in the lineup as early as Wednesday.