Fred Smoot Has an Italian Alias The Women Just Adore

REDSKIN SMOOT NOT MOOT ABOUT VALENTINO ALTER-EGO: A Fred Smoot by any other name would score chicks just as sweet:

Fred Smoot Redskins girls

DC SPORTS BOG has the scoop on the Redskins DB’s Italian alter-ego. When Smoot is not smiting wide receivers, he’s charming the ladies with his off-field mackin’ moniker: Johann Cavalli Valentino.

But teammate Carlos Rogers is claiming the curious name as his own, much to Smoot’s dispute: “He’s not Johann, *I* am!

When pressed for details, Smoot explained the origins of the silly pseudonym. He says ‘Cavalli’ came from “being an established family guy, just one of those notable last names,”, while ‘Valentino’ arose from an earlier name Smoot used to use, ‘Sugar Ray Valentino’.

As for the first name? “Johann is a name given to me by a legion of women. Physically, facially, I’m one of the gifted guys in the NFL.”

Fred Smoot ladies

Can’t argue with him there.

Yet, the debate rages on in the Washington locker room over who can be called what. If the ‘Skins any need help, they can turn to the Yankees for advice.