Fred Couples’ ShakeWeight® Not Sold In Stores

Prominent golf blogger Stephanie Wei has comments from Fred Couples about his recent, noticeable weight loss made this week at a U.S. Senior Open presser in Seattle:

Fred Couples Girlfriend Photos Amy O'Keefe

Well, I’ve been dating a girl for about four months and she works out in the morning and the afternoon and night, it seems like. She works out a couple of times a day. And I go to the gym with her and she does her thing, and I just walk on the treadmill and she gives me a couple of other things to do.

But she’s very athletic, and I’ve lost some weight walking. I’m not doing anything — I have a back guy that’s wanted me to lose some weight, but my back actually feels worse today than it did three months ago when I started walking a lot. But I’m not doing anything, I just get on a treadmill while she’s exercising and doing her program. I just go walk on a treadmill. I have lost some weight. It’s been very good. But my back is very tight.

But this weight thing, I just have lost some weight by moderate exercise, nothing crazy.

Couples, who has been going through girlfriends lately the way the McCourts go through loan officers, didn’t identify his new, “very athletic” girlfriend.

No worries. I’ve got the skinny.

Fred Couples Girlfriend Photos Amy O'Keefe

31-year-old Charlotte resident Amy O’Keefe met Couples at the Quail Hollow Championships four months ago and the two have been inseparable since. O’Keefe, who has a three-year-old daughter, is an avid runner who comes from a wealthy family.

I’ve been told that Couples is considering moving from his home in La Quinta, CA to Charlotte to be closer to O’Keefe.

Sound serious? That’s nothing compared to another sign of just how blind Couples’ love must be: It has also been widely reported that Couples recently bought Charlotte Bobcats season tickets.