Freaky Lacrosse Fight Adds Joy To Your Tuesday

This is probably the most amazing sports fight video I’ve ever seen; not because of the ferocity or even the number of people involved, but just because it’s so freaking weird. First of all it’s lacrosse, where you never expect a fight to break out; I always assumed that lacrosse sticks doubled as butterfly nets.

But look at this thing (video below). You’ve got small groups of players duking it out, then you’ve got guys pairing up for their own private fisticuffs away from the main action. And this happens four or five times with different players, with fat guys in black shirts watching like professional wrestling referees. Most surprising of all: No one is using their sticks.

The refs don’t seem interested in interceding until one of the combatants becomes unable to protect himself. It’s like hockey refs not jumping in to break up a fight until both players have gone to the ice; except that this is on solid ground. Ladies and gents, your Western Lacrosse Association fight of the year, featuring the Brampton Excelsiors against the New Westminster Salmonbellies.

From THE PROVINCE (yes, this happened in Canada):

The brawl Friday lasted 10 minutes. Five players from both teams, including both back-up goalies, were tossed from the game. The teams combined for 173 penalty minutes by the end of the night.

When asked if he was surprised at how things played out, Brampton coach Troy Cordingley added: “No, not at all. We’re playing for a Canadian championship and we’re in their rink. We beat them four straight last year. You think they’re going to lie down?”

It was the first game in the Mann Cup, which pits the Western Lacrosse Association champ (the Salmonbellies) vs. the Major Series Lacrosse winners. The sport is box (or indoor) lacrosse, which is big up north, so I gather. Plus, from what other sport would you see paragraphs such as this:

The Excelsiors were missing Dan Dawson, who had 11 points in Brampton’s four- game sweep of the Salmonbellies in last year’s Mann Cup in Ontario and six in Saturday’s 13-10 overtime victory at Queen’s Park. Official word from the team is that he had to return home because he had just started a firefighter job; the Excelsiors are hoping that he can return to play in the series.

The Excelsiors have a 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven series.

So I add this to my collection of freaky sports fights.

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