Freak Show Continues; Kearse Arrested on DUI

Titans DE Jevon Kearse was arrested last night for driving under the influence after swerving and speeding through the streets of Nashville and then stinking of booze and refusing a breath test. Kearse claimed he only had one vodka and Red Bull the entire night; therefore, we look forward to his exoneration. After all, how drunk could he…

Jevon Kearse was thirsty

Oh, we see. Carry on then, Nashville police. Very good.

It’s apparently Kearse’s first arrest for DUI; we’re pretty sure congratulations aren’t in order, but there you go.

But back to the point: Jevon, honey, if you need a ride, just call us. We’ll come get you if it’s the difference between an embarrassing puddle of vomit in our passenger seat and seeing your Josh Hancock smeared across the pavement. We’re in the book. Call.