Frank Williams Former Six Year MLB Pitcher Now Homeless In Canada

FORMER MLB PITCHER FRANK WILLIAMS NOW HOMELESS: The VICTORIA (BC) TIMES reports on the sad state of former journeyman MLB pitcher Frank Williams - who is homeless and living on Vancouver Island.

Frank Williams

Williams spent six seasons in the big leagues with three teams primarily as a reliever (and a good one, at that). But in 1989, a car crash ended his career - and that’s when things got weird.

Williams soon divorced his wife (who was driving the car and responsible for the crash) and lost in the settlement most of what is his $120,000 per year pension. He then moved to Vancouver Island in 1989, “leaving behind, two kids, an ex-wife and everything he owned.

Frank Williams

He now works construction and sleeps in a homeless shelter and the V-T reports when he “loses his wallet - to theft, in a fight or any other mishap in a life now lived at shelters and detox centres - he replaces his ID with a baseball card.

The people at Victoria’s M.V.P. Sports Collectibles keep themselves well stocked with the baseball cards from Williams’s six-year career in Major League Baseball. And they do it because they know Williams will need them from time to time.