Frank TV Ads During Baseball Playoffs All For Nothing As Only 4 Episodes Will Be Made

TBS JUGGERNAUT ‘FRANK TV’ BEANED BY WRITERS STRIKE: Many baseball fans spent their TBS viewing experience shielding their eyes from Frank Caliendo. You know, the star of “Frank TV“, the show whose nonstop ads were beaten into your head like Jose Offerman at a Bridgeport Bluefish game.

After all that Madison Avenue misery, how many episodes will the world have to endure?

Frank TV


DEADSPIN broadcasts word that only a quartet of Caliendo craziness will be produced, due to the writers strike.We’re shocked - not that only four shows will be made, but that Frank’s program would actually have writers.

Eh, who needs ‘em. Who wouldn’t be entertained by John Madden impressions for 45 minutes straight? The same ones who can put with three hours of the real thing on NBC.

Frank TV impression explanation

On a side note, it’s not a good sign of your mimicking talent when you have to explain your impressions.