Frank Deford Dubious About Facts In Sports Blogs

MR. DEFORD MAY JUST GET HIS FACTS STRAIGHT, SOMEDAY: THE BIG PICTURE has a Q & A with Tyrannosaurus-toothed Frank DeFord today. And in major upset, our favorite three-fingers-of-Cutty for lunch, dinosaur media member doesn’t have a much of a taste for sports blogs.

Frank Deford

The Big Picture to Deford: “What do you think of sports blogs? Read any?

Deford: “I don’t read any particular blog on a regular basis … I’m also very dubious about how accurate the facts are in blogs, which gives me pause.

Frank Deford Fact Checking

Now before you sports bloggers out there go off the deep end, just remember that if anyone understands the dubious accuracy of facts, it’s Deford.