Framed: Why Rams Fans Fell From Stands Sunday

Here’s my frame-by-frame accounting of two St. Louis Rams fans falling from the stands yesterday at the Edward Jones Dome:

Frame By Frame of Rams fans falling from stands at Edward Jones Dome

Before he exited through a tunnel covered with a soft awning, Rams Lineman Clifton Ryan threw two shoes intended for the seating area.

The first shoe glanced off the hands of nearby fans located in the seating area and landed on top of the soft, tarp-like covering shielding the player tunnel. After the second shoe went into the stands, two fans piled on top of the awning to try to get the first shoe.

The awning then collapsed and the two fans fell head-first onto the concrete stadium floor.

In hindsight, a generous though inadvisable gesture by Ryan. Now it will be interesting to see if the fans involved attempt any legal action against the NFL, the stadium, the team and/or Ryan himself.

At the very least, I would like to think Ryan will be absolved of blame.