FoxSports Redesigns Website Social Networking Off To Slow Start

FOXSPORTS.COM REDESIGNS WEBSITE; NO ONE NOTICES: Remember when I posted that’s traffic had somehow overtaken Everyone I talked to later about it said, “I never go to” Redesign Website Terry Bradshaw

With the reax (or lack thereof) of’s new look (launched today), I’m starting to believe them now (not that I ever visited there either - unless I was dumped at the site by some accidental MSN search result). traffic now trails

Our old friends on Pico Blvd. in West L.A. have indeed redesigned their site - to feature more video content and rich media. And the best part: The changes include more social networking opportunities!

But by the looks of user reaction to the changes, that social networking part is off to a bit off a slow start. For a site with more users than (which we are seriously doubting more and more), you would think there would be more than SIX measly posts about the redesign (from a “Tell Us What You Think!”) link on the front page. That’s right, six (beginning at 5:31AM this morning to 8:30AM PT): Redesign Message Board Reactions

Well at least it’s convenient reading, no need to scroll (note to mods: It’s better to have a lot of negative posts than no posts at all).

I have two words for’s supposed gargantuan traffic numbers (see page views): Meta Refresh.