Fox to UH Fans: Take Your Tiki Bar And Shove It

The HONOLULU ADVERTISER reports that Fox sure knows how to keep those damn Hawaiians down, especially when it involves tiki bar-based investigation.

Hawaii fan

Fox is broadcasting the Hawaii-Georgia Sugar Bowl game on New Year’s day on and Fox Sports said that it “has already ‘put a stop to one’ … viewing party in Hawaii where admission was to be charged and will continue to ‘discourage’ the practice as the game approaches.

Fox Sports VP/Communications Dan Bell said, “We want as many people as possible to watch the Sugar Bowl, it is just the instances where viewing parties are advertised using the logo and marks of the schools and admission is being charged that we want to discourage.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Beth Chapman

And after hearing this appalling news, someone needs to sick Dog The Bounty Hunter on David Hill. Our message to Hawaii fans in the Islands: Go f’ing crazy. Enjoy it, since our Bulldogs will be ruining your party later that day anyway (hehe).