Fox Sports Website Reports Kevin Everett Injury As Day To Day

FOXSPORTS.COM LISTS EVERETT INJURY AS “DAY-TO-DAY“: Good news for both of you out there who have Kevin Everett on your fantasy football team.

Fox Sports Kevin Everett Listed As Day To Day

According to, the Bills Tight End, who suffered a sadly catastrophic spine injury last Sunday in a game against the Broncos (and is recovering nicely), is “DAY-TO-DAY for Week (spine)” in the injury department.

Yes, his recovery is ahead of schedule, but special teams wedge-busting against the Steelers this Sunday might be a tad much to ask.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: WITH LEATHER commenters note that also reports “Dennis Byrd is listed as questionable … Derrick Thomas however is still out … and … Payton is still on the PUP list.