Fox Sports Has Trouble Telling Black People Apart

After second-generation ballplayer John Mayberry, Jr. launched a home run in his second major league at-bat in today’s Phillies/Yankees game on Fox, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver lavished praise over John Mayberry, Sr. (a 14-year major leaguer) and expressed how proud he must be. The camera lingered over a man in a World Baseball Classic Panama jersey and his two pre-teen children.

Not John Mayberry Sr.

(Huge hat tip to Matt P of THE 700 LEVEL for helping to get this screenshot of a very focused Not Senior)

Which probably should have been a clue, really, to the Fox Sports crew on site. They picked up on their mistake an inning later and announced they had shown two minutes of the wrong man. Hey, it’s an easy mistake, right? Right?

(Video after the jump.)

When Fox tried to rectify the issue by speaking to the correct Mayberry, a cut to “sideline” reporter Ken Rosenthal put him on the spot because Mayberry had gone for food for his wife, according to Rosenthal. Or maybe he was escaping from Fox cameras before they identified him as the Lindbergh baby because Barney Fife had a hunch.

When Rosenthal finally got the true Senior on camera, Derek Jeter ruined the interview with a home run of his own. John Mayberry, Sr., is the Rodney Dangerfield of proud baseball papas.

(Note: Mayberry hit a double in his next at-bat. Also, Fox laughed hard at themselves for their mistake and mocked themselves at every possible opportunity for the error, including turning the “fake” and true Senior into their fan cam targets.)