Fox Sports Bleeps Basketball Players Last Name

B-BALLER’S SURNAME TOO HOT FOR FOX SPORTS WEBSITE: Fox has determined that Rudy Gay’s name is offensive to younger and more sensitive viewers:

Rudy Gay last name bleeped

THE BIG LEAD points out that in an excessive use of censorship, this screen capture from the Fox Sports’ website shows the surname of former UConn standout and current Memphis Grizzly replaced with an all-caps ‘BLEEP’:

Fox Sports site gay bleep

This coming from the same corporate conglomerate that’s brought you “Who Wants To Marry a Millionaire?” and “Temptation Island”.

Alas, due to the site’s strict word policy, looks like there’ll be no more mentions of the South Carolina Gamecocks, Oregon State Beavers, USC Trojans, or Yankees pitcher Chien-Ming Wang.

Gamecocks Beavers

Just to play it safe, all future MLB telecasts on Fox will have to have Joe Buck calling BLEEPs and strikes. And while they’re at it, maybe they can bleep Tim McCarver - indefinitely.