Fox Radio Host: Glazer #4 Source Was Jared Allen

Whatta 48 hours for Fox Sports football reporter Jay Glazer!

Is Jared Allen Jay Glazer's stoolie in the Vikings Lockerroom?

(Fox Radio host: ‘Deaf, dumb, blind person knows Glazer source is Vikes’ Allen’)

Tuesday, he broke the news that a certain SbB-embargoed QB would sign with the Vikings. Later that day, Michael Strahan announced on Fox Sports Radio that Glazer will be his presenter at his future Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony. Wednesday, Glazer went on Miami sports radio and said he was so upset at ESPN for marginalizing his breaking stories that he was ready to throw hands with his competitors in Bristol.

That brings us to today, and I’ve got yet another wrinkle to Glazer’s reportage on #4.

Was Jared Allen Jay Glazer’s source on Vikings’ Favre Signing?

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Earlier this week, I was listening to one of my favorite shows on radio, hosted by Petros Papadakis and Matt “Money” Smith on Fox Sports Radio here in L.A.. Like all other sports radio hosts this week, the duo was burdened with once again having to pick at the rotting Favre-to-the-Upper-Midwest carcass. But during their analysis, Papadakis steered the topic off the well-worn road and presented a more intriguing question: Who was the Vikings’ lockerroom snitch who sold out Favre’s sign to Glazer?

Papadakis on Glazer’s source on story:

He (Glazer) doesn’t name his source, but a deaf, dumb and blind person can figure it out, it’s Jared Allen. … an MMA guy who trains with Glazer.” 

Papadakis is dead on about the MMA thing. Glazer, a former MMA fighter, developed a friendship with Allen after training him in Mixed Martial Arts before the 2007 season. Thanks to MMA and other off-field avenues, Glazer has made a career out of building close friendships with NFL players. On Tuesday, Strahan called Glazer his best friend!

Now here’s an excerpt of Glazer’s Tuesday scoop:

When I say nearly everyone I talked to on the team is convinced he’s coming, that is not an exaggeration. People from all walks of life within the organization talk about it as if it’s no secret, almost an afterthought.

“I’m telling you it’s already done,” said one Viking. “Right after the Indy game (first preseason game). I don’t think anyone here doesn’t think that.”

OK, what’s the harm in that comment, even if it is Allen? Well, consider that Allen was one of the few Vikings who went on the record stating that he wasn’t enthralled with the idea of his team’s most important position being in limbo all summer long. Allen to the CHICAGO TRIBUNE before Favre’s arrival:

“If we get Brett, then that’s a bonus,” the All-Pro defensive end said in a phone interview. “But let’s either get it done and get moving on with it or let it go.

“It’s not so much that it’s a distraction because we’re professionals and don’t really buy into that. But it’s annoying.”

So if Allen did indeed give Glazer privileged info about Favre’s imminent appearance, why so? Could Allen have been trying to scuttle the deal by giving it to Glazer before the team could make it official? Or was Allen merely trying to help Glazer be the first to report the news. I’m betting on the latter. Or perhaps Glazer called in a favor to his old MMA workout partner. Either way, it makes you wonder, if just a little, how Allen really feels about Favre’s last-second change of heart.

I’m also certain that at this momemt, Favre has no idea that Allen might be feeding confidential information to Glazer from inside the Vikings locker room. But if Favre somehow does get an inkling, could that affect team chemistry? (Purple Kool-Aid drinkers, don’t be naive.)

From my perspective, let’s hope just hope none of this has a negative effect in the Vikings, since Glazer appears to be all the competition ESPN has left!