Fox News, The Lingerie Football League, And You

Look, we try to stay away from politics, but when it involves the fine and dedicated ladies of the Lingerie Football League, I cannot stay silent. Neither can Jon Stewart, who on Monday once again exhibited excellence in broadcasting with his segment on the “Fox & Friends” morning show and their special brand of hypocrisy.

Jon Stewart, Lingerie football romp

It all began — as most controversies do — with the MTV Awards on Saturday. That’s when Sacha Baron Cohen, in his Bruno persona, dropped from the rafters in a gay angel outfit. I guess that’s what it was. What is certain is that Cohen was wearing assless pants, and proceeded to land on Eminem, who, as Shaq would say, now knows how that ass tastes. This of course horrified the hosts of “Fox & Friends”, the morning show on the Fox Network with the right-wing political bent.

On Monday morning, F&F had at the stunt. Co-host Gretchen Carlson was particularly shocked by the antics:

“My thing is, why do we feel that we have to go to the Nth degree on these shows? Is it because the ratings are so bad for MTV right now?”

Enter Jon Stewart, who that evening on “The Daily Show” showed the “Fox & Friends” clip. Stewart:

“You know, I started on MTV, and it makes me SICK to see — how it hasn’t changed at all since I was there.

“But not at Fox & Friends! Five mornings a week they deliver nothing but wholesome entertainment product. Like today, after they were griping about the Bruno stunt.”

Cut to a “Fox & Friends” outdoor segment on the Lingerie Football League, where two scantily-clad LFL players are romping with “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade. At one point, one of the girls actually has her nearly-naked ass straddling Kilmeade’s face. Well, see for yourself:

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At one point in the segment Carlson shows up, looks at the scene (by now Geraldo Rivera is inexplicably involved in the pileup of human flesh), and declares it “the best thing I’ve ever seen on TV.”So to recap: Naked ass-sitting on MTV = the end of civilization. Naked girl ass on “Fox & Friends” = “The best thing I’ve ever seen on TV.” Thank you.