Fox News: EA NBA Game With Obama ‘bipartisan’?

FOX News reported recently on a new EA Sports NBA video game that will also feature “unlockable” famous politicians competing on the court.

Sarah Palin, Barack Obama in NBA Jam from EA Sports

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are among the politicos included in the game, which EA Sports President Peter Moore addressed during a FOX News segment.

FOX News Host Jenna Lee: “Is this a bipartisan game, though, Peter, because I read that the president has some special skills; do any of the Republicans have any special skills?

Moore: “We try and be nonpartisan in what we do, but at the same time the president, who as you know is a pretty good hoops player himself, we try to represent his skills. So the president does have some special skills, which you’ll have to buy the game to find out what they are.

Can’t say I’m compelled to pit our current crop of politicians against each other in a video game. (Okay, maybe Dick Cheney one-on-one against Dennis Kucinich. Ballin!)

Historical figures though? Absolutely. Tricky Dick Nixon and JFK in make it-take it? I’m down.

As for the “bipartisan” question by Lee, which wasn’t what I would qualify as serious, Moore handled it with a certain rehearsed aplomb.

I know I can’t reach the kool-aiders on either side of the aisle, but does anyone really think Moore and EA Sports would weight the game in the favor of either party?

Cash money from Olbermann and Hannity fans spends the same.