Fox: Nebraska ‘Officially Offered’ Big 10 Invitation

Jeff Seeman of Fox Sports Ohio reports Wednesday:

Fox Sports Ohio Reports Nebraska Officially Invited To Big Ten

The Big Ten has officially offered an invitation to Nebraska.

Over the weekend, the Big 12 Conference demanded a loyalty pledge from all of its’ members, and only 9 teams complied. Two of the three holdouts, Nebraska and Missouri, were given until this Friday to decide if they wanted to stay in the league, and the ultimatum has apparently pushed the Huskers into the Big 10.

An official announcement is expected by Friday afternoon, but a press conference could be held as early as today.

Perhaps that explains the hastily arranged Nebraska Board of Regents conference call today.

Though it is curious that the board members who will have a very large say in what Nebraska decides to ultimately do in regards to conference affiliation have confirmed today that they have not yet been briefed on anything pertaining to a move by the school to the Big Ten.