Four Players And Recruit Bolt U Of I Hawkeyes

Transfers happen. They’re every bit the staple of college athletics as cheerleaders or ultra-creepy advertisements for Flo-Max. Maybe the writing’s on the wall that the player’s not going to be getting any game action before he graduates. Maybe the player gets homesick or whatever. They happen.

Jake Kelly
(Just one of up to five players bidding Iowa adieu.)

But they usually happen A) rarely and B) on an individual basis. So when up to four scholarship basketball players and a top recruit all flee the Iowa basketball team within a matter of days, it is most certainly time to panic for coach Todd Lickliter and Hawkeye fans.

The biggest name on the list of defections is Jake Kelly, a sophomore Honorable Mention* All-Big Ten guard who led the team in scoring and took over as a starting point guard during the conference season. His departure is not yet official, but that’s merely a formality; Kelly and his father have been telling local media outlets that they can’t comment until the end of the week, presumably when they have confirmation from another coach that a scholarship awaits.

Kelly usurped Jeff Peterson, a sophomore from Missouri, for the starting point guard role after Peterson went down with a hamstring injury. Naturally, Peterson is rumored to be leaving too, his likely destination Missouri State, according to Scott Dochtermann of THE (CEDAR RAPIDS) GAZETTE.

With those two sophomores gone, point guard duties would necessarily fall to the only other guard with any experience at the position, one Jermain Davis, who just transferred to Iowa from a nearby junior college. HAHA DISREGARD COMPLETELY HE IS ANGRY AND LEAVING NOW TOO. Davis’s reasons for his departure are as unambiguous as they are damning:

“I was just unhappy here,” Davis said Wednesday afternoon. “I didn’t really understand my role on the team.”


“The style that we play is just so slow,” Davis said. “I like to play more fast-paced, and force turnovers and stuff like that.”

It should be noted that the only person currently on the team who could conceivably be called a “point guard” is Lickliter’s son John, a walk-on who’s probably about 5′9″ and deceptively unathletic. If he starts, Iowa won’t win a game all year.

(Not the answer.)

Past the point guard spot, Iowa will probably also lose David Palmer (no, not him), a little-used center who excelled in the two games he was allowed to start before being buried at the end of the bench. Palmer has not announced his departure, but nobody expects the big man to return.

And last, lest Hawkeye fans start pining for the future, top junior recruit Chanse Creekmur (I promise that’s not a typo - on my part anyway) also publicly decommitted yesterday, which means he’ll have to dunk over cars on - ahem - a less-than-regulation rim somewhere else now:

That entire exodus above only began in the past couple days. If Iowa athletic director Gary Barta hasn’t already had a five-hour meeting with Lickliter, a $5 bottle of whiskey, and a loaded handgun, he is derelict in his duties as an AD and should be fired.

Past that… how’s 0-30 sound for next season, Iowa? Great, because it’s about to happen!

*They should also have Dishonorable Mention awards for the guys that sucked the worst or got arrested for punching a cop car or something.