Formula One Charging Up To $4,000 For Race Tix

It’s hard to find any pro sport that’s not suffering from these hard economic times. And that goes for Formula One racing. Lagging ticket sales means car companies are starting to withdraw racing teams, such as what Honda did in December. And such ticket-selling shortfalls are causing races in France and Canada to be canceled.

Keeley Hazell Formula One

On the other hand, it’s not easy to convince some people to show up and watch cars go ’round and ’round when it can cost up to $4,000 per ticket.

BLOOMBERG reports on how high CVC Capital Partners, the majority owners of Formula One, are willing to charge for their primo seats:

CVC charges as much as $3,940 for a race-day VIP ticket that allows companies to entertain guests in an enclosure where they can drink champagne and rub shoulders with race drivers like champion Lewis Hamilton. LSA Managing Director Lynden Swainston said requests for hotel bookings fell 80 percent compared with last year for a race in Barcelona on May 10 and by 50 percent for the Monaco Grand Prix on May 24.

“Executives don’t want to be seen living it up in Monaco while they fire staff back home,” Swainston said.

That didn’t stop Northern Trust or AIG.

Still, even if financial times were terrific, $4,000 is still a bit steep for just one auto race. For that kind of admission, I expect to rub shoulders with Danica Patrick - provided Formula One can finally get her on board, and she’s at the track wearing this outfit (tattoo optional):

Danica Patrick

And maybe a pleasant chat with fellow F1 racer Natacha Gachnang:

Natacha Gachnang

At least I should get to be greeted in the pits by Ashley Judd:

Ashley Judd Daytona dress

All while sharing a seat with the “face” of British racing, Gemma Garrett:

Gemma Garrett British Grand Prix

…and have it all on the same race day. That would be my money’s worth.