Formula 1 Chief Not Exactly Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the United States, the sports media freaks out every time an athlete or other sports figure says anything remotely controversial or interesting. ESPN blows up every salacious soundbite they can into a major media controversy, proof of which is the fact that Skip Bayless is still gainfully employed. As a result, interviews with sports celebrities tend to be the media equivalent of room-temperature tapioca pudding (bland, yet at the same time utterly revolting).

Whoopi Hamilton
(Artist’s rendition of Ecclestone’s dream driver)

Across the pond in Europe, things work a little differently. Our European cousins go mad for wacky sports like “soccer,” “cricket,” and “Formula 1,” and sports figures like Formula 1 owner Bernie Ecclestone talk freely about their desires for Black, Jewish women.

In remarks to Spanish sports newspaper MARCA (via the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD), Ecclestone lamented his sport’s lack of celebrity starpower by saying, “I don’t care who drives. It would be fantastic to have a female driver who is black and Jewish.”

In a vacuum, perhaps these comments wouldn’t seem that bad. Hey, the guy’s all about diversity, right? That’s kind of hard to believe coming from the man who has a history of intolerance, laughing off racial slurs directed at star driver Lewis Hamilton as a joke and once said of Danica Patrick, “women should be all dressed in white like all the other domestic appliances.”

Clearly, Ecclestone needs to learn when to shut his trap. Someone should remind him that just because he was speaking to a foreign journalist doesn’t mean that no one’s going to learn what he said. I hereby sentence Ecclestone to 40 lashes from Max Mosely’s dominatrix.