Former Rangers GM Responds To Rocker’s Claims

NEW YORK NEWSDAY tracks down John Hart, as the former Texas Rangers GM responds to John Rocker’s allegations that the team & union told him and other players how to take steroids.

John Hart Former Texas Rangers GM

Hart, who served as GM from 2001 to 2005, said he “absolutely did not have any idea” that Rocker had previously failed a drug test in 2000. And Hart was even more dumbfounded at accusations that the team would be giving out steroid advice:

I cannot even begin to imagine that. I would know of no one from the club level, be it a doctor or trainer or club official, that would have known, one, or two, would have said anything like that. I cannot imagine that anyone from the union would have done that, or that anyone from the commissioner’s office would have done so.”

Rocker contends that he and teammates Alex Rodriguez, Ivan Rodriguez and Rafael Palmeiro were told in 2002 that “If you (take steroids) responsibly, it’s not going to hurt you.”

John Rocker Speak English

Although Rocker admitted to use & Palmeiro later tested positive, Hart said that the suspicion of A-Rod or Pudge using the stuff “never crossed my mind.”

And Hart added additional kudos for the Rodriguezes:

I know Alex. I have great respect for his ability. I have great respect for the guy that he is. I just think it’s unfair when sometimes you’re in the public eye, and people come with allegations. I have a really simple view of Alex, and I also have great respect for Pudge and what he’s done for his career to resurrect it and win a World Series.”

What, no love for John or Raf? Oh, right.