Former Raiderette Shakes Literary Moneymakers

In a world … where no one is who or what they seem … can a preteen cheerleader elude terrorists and unmask the U.S. Senate imposter who is secretly planning to blow up our nation’s capital? Oh sorry, that’s not the premise of Alise Cayen’s new book at all. Patty Pom Poms is just all about making the cheerleading team.

Alise Cayan

And who better to write children’s rah-rah fiction than a former Raiderette? Even though there are few car chases and hardly any gunplay, Patty Pom Poms has done well enough that a sequel is in the works. The Kick Routine Ultimatum? Pom Pom Of Solace?

The book description from Cayen’s site, via Tom Hoffarth of the LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS:

Patty Klapinsky would give anything to be a sports star like her brothers — to belong to something — but she can’t seem to find her niche. Encouraged by her brother, Patty goes to one of his football games and is mesmerized by the cheerleaders. The very next day, Patty gets to work, making her own pom-poms and practicing every day in order to be the best she can be!

The big day for cheerleader tryouts finally arrives and Patty knows that she has what it takes to be a great cheerleader. Does Patty make the team? What lessons does she learn along the way?

Well, for one thing, she learns that sports are for boys and that girls should stick to what they do best — looking pretty on the sidelines. That’s probably not fair since I haven’t actually read it (hey, it’s on my list, right after Life Of Pi), but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of Title IX, Lisa Simpson-style stereotype-busting going on here.

But I should probably just relax and enjoy the fact that a former Oakland Raiders cheerleader is an author. Jack London was from Oakland, right? I’m sure that Patty Pom-Poms borrows heavily from The Sea Wolf.

Alise Cayan

Here’s our author at some sort of autograph signing, presumably when she was a Raiderette. In addition to writing books, Cayen is also the dance coach at Reseda High School — an educational facility currently engulfed in smoke by the SoCal wildfire, and which was also used in the past as the high school location for “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”.

I will be interested to read how the Patty Klapinski story arc evolves.