Former Raider Goes Nuts At Youth Football Game

And now, more punchy fun involving the Oakland Raiders, this time without Tom Cable. You may remember Jeremy Brigham (below) as a tight end for the Raiders from 1998-2001 (if so you have a good memory — he scored three career touchdowns). He now lives in the peaceful, leafy Northern California enclave of Pleasanton, where he coaches a youth football team of 9- and 10-year-olds.

Today, however, Brigham is under investigation by Pleasanton police for allegedly beating up his assistant coach, who is now in a neck brace. Brigham supposedly attacked the coach because he thought he had leaked the team’s plays to another team after he had fired him. Then it gets weird.

The Assistant coach’s son is also in a neck brace at this hour. Brigham was suspended by the league for one game (was Chip Kelly consulted?), and police are investigating the incident.

At a coaches meeting the next day, according to Haggerty, the losing coach walked up to Brigham and joked, “Haggerty gave me all your plays.” That Monday, when Haggerty showed up at the Foothill High School football field to pick up his son from practice, Brigham confronted him, “screaming that I gave the plays away,” Haggerty told us.

The next thing he knew, Haggerty said, Brigham had knocked his BlackBerry from his hand and was pulling him over a 4-foot fence as he punched him on the back of the head.

Haggerty insists he never acted aggressively himself and left as fast as he could, then called 911 before going to the hospital. The supervisor said he was met there by Pleasanton police officers, who took a report.

What is it about being associated with the Raiders that gives a man license to be four different kinds of crazy? Their executives are nuts, their owner can trace his roots back to Transylvania, their coach is prone to get all punchy at a moment’s notice, and now this.

I love this part, which cannot be emphasized enough:

Haggerty said his advice to head coach Brigham wasn’t always welcome, and that Brigham told him to “shut up and sit down” after he complained about the team’s exercise regimen and asked to take over.

A few days later, after Haggerty couldn’t make a meeting with Brigham to go over game film, Brigham sent him a text message that he was fired and warned him not to show up at practices, the supervisor says.

I also recall when former Raider Bill Romanowski went sort of nuts at a youth flag football game, accusing an opposing player of dirty tactics. Kid should have spit on him.