Former Partyer Russell Martin Is Whipped, Happily

In this episode of “As The Dodgers Turn,” we learn some interesting things about catcher Russell Martin. Like: he might have had a drinking problem! And: it’s OK now, because his hot girlfriend has him whipped and he’s over all the partying!

Marikym Hervieux

You know things might have been bad when T.J. Simers feels the need to mention that during this interview, Martin wasn’t hung over. But that all changed when he met his muse, model Marikym Hervieux. Let’s delve inside Martin’s demons, and see more of the woman who changed him, after the jump.

This was Martin a few years ago:

“I was having a couple drinks to help me go to bed at night, and it became a vicious cycle,” he says. “This whole L.A. thing, well, you’ve got young guys like Clayton Kershaw, and it’s like they’re immune to it. But I wasn’t one of those guys.

“I liked having a good time when I was a kid, and now that I’m 26, I was having a good time, but I wasn’t recovering like I’d like to recover. I thought going out with the guys, listening to music and having a few drinks — that was fine for me.

“I thought I could tell myself, ‘I’m feeling pretty good,’ and everything will be OK when I get to the yard even though I was really feeling banged up. I was lying to myself.”

Then, he met this:

Marikym Hervieux

Marikym Hervieux

Marikym Hervieux

And this is Martin now:

[T]he tough guy is sitting in Starbucks, sipping green tea, talking yoga, the last chick flick he’s seen, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” he says, and “not bad,” while also making a note to himself, the scruffy beard must go.

“I like looking good for my lady,” Martin says, no need to explain who picks out the movies when they are together.

So, yeah, Martin’s whipped. But can you blame him?