Former NFL kickers Vanderjagt and Gramatica look for work in New Orleans

‘IDIOT KICKER’ TRYING TO SHOW SMART LEG TO N’AWLINS: They’re still plenty of work to do in New Orleans. Yeah, much of the city is still in shambles from Hurricane Katrina, but we’re talking about more important issues - like the Saints’ kicking game:

Olindo Mare New Orleans Saints kicker

TSN reports up to 7 unemployed kickers showed up this week to audition for Sean Payton and pals. Those seeking jobs included former NFL stalwarts Mike Vanderjagt and Martin Gramatica.

The cause for concern was Olindo Mare’s mangling of a few field goal attempts during yet another Saints loss last weekend. Suffering with a groin injury (and don’t we all), Mare muffed a 20-yard chip shot that was blocked, and missed on a 54-yarder, as the Aints fell to Carolina, 16-13.

However, coach Payton has been pleased with Olindo’s practice this week, so no new feet are necessary for now.

Mike Vanderjagt Martin Gramatica

Former Indy icer Vanderjagt, who Peyton Manning once called an “idiot kicker“, has been looking for fieldwork since getting the heave-ho from Dallas last season.

And long-time Bucs booter Gramatica has also been touring the turf, as he got his walking papers from those same Cowboys just a few weeks ago.

Now if Vandy or Grammy could actually run the ball, there’s a welcome spot for them in the backfield next to Reggie.