Former NBAer Blount Busted With Lots Of Blunts

The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER reports that former Cincinnati Bearcat star and NBA journeyman Corie Blount was arrested on Thursday and charged with felony marijuana possession. It’s the least-shocking sports arrest since NHL player Rick Crayck* was busted for cocaine.

Corie Blount

And it wasn’t just - well, a blunt - that Blount was arrested for. Police confiscated more 29 pounds of marijuana from his house, along with $29,500 in cash, three vehicles and three guns. That’s a lot of pot - not quite Bam Morris level, but an impressive amount none the less, as you can see:

Corie Blount's pot

Police trailed Blount after he picked up a package with 11 pounds of marijuana (can you ship FedEx for that?) and took it back to his house. After the cops busted him and began searching his home, they found another package with 11 pounds of pot and a third with seven pounds.

Other than his name, there’s one major ironic part of Blount’s case: he just graduated this past June from Cincinnati with a degree in criminal justice. In a story in the UC MAGAZINE just before his graduation, Blount boasted that as a father and husband, he has settled down after some wild early days in the NBA:

These days the father of five says he doesn’t miss the “bling-bling” lifestyle. And he’s happy to exchange a hip night at a West Coast club for a Midwest birthday bash at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

“I can’t even explain it,” he says. “My wife and my kids are basically all I live for. I’ve been blessed to have beautiful, healthy, cute kids. And they all have great personalities. They are just a joy. I know they love me as much as I love them.”

Yeah, it sounds like he’s been doing nothing but hanging out at pizza places with his family. I’m not saying anything, but if you happen to go to a Chuck E. Cheese in suburban Cincinnati and notice that the oregano smells funny, be worried.

*I made this up.

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