Former NBA Player Could Have Made Millions With Nike Stock

EX-NBA PLAYER COULD’VE JUST DONE IT WITH NIKE STOCK: A former NBA player could have been rolling in much, much more dough if not for a decision made over 30 years ago:

Old Nike Shoes

SPORTS BUSINESS RADIO took a quick trip to Las Vegas, where they met up with Geoff Petrie, current President of Basketball Operations for the Sacramento Kings.

Geoff Petrie

The former Portland Trail Blazer and 1971’s Co-Rookie of the Year was also one of the first to flog for Nike. Back before they now Just Do It to the tune of millions of dollars in annual sales, the Oregon-based shoe shuckers were usually late with their endorsement payments.

Nike Just Blow It Ad

After racking up a bill of $40,000 due to Petrie, Nike offered him stock options instead, but he and his agent decided to take the money and run. Petrie chuckled about how many greenbacks would be in his coffers today if he would’ve gone with Plan B.

Considering his luck with money making, maybe Petrie shouldn’t be in Vegas, after all.