Ex-NFLer Charged With Stealing Manhole Covers

While some NFL players are fighting back against burglary, other former pro football fools are doing what they can to support it.

Chuck Klingbeil manhole cover

The HOUGHTON (MI) MINING GAZETTE reports that ex-Dolphins nose tackle Chuck Klingbeil has been charged with larceny for stealing something that many homes can’t do without - manhole covers.

The 42-year-old Klingbeil was accused Monday of stealing construction materials from a local company last May - namely, steel pipes and manhole boxes & lids. (Some kind of fetish, maybe?)

Klingbeil, who played with Miami from 1991-95, is currently out on $1,000 bond, but will have to be back in court on June 16. In the meantime, keep an eye out on the sewers.

But Chuck’s thievery wasn’t the only fun going down in the Houghton courts. Just down the hall, another suspect was facing assault charges after stabbing a college student during a dorm argument - an argument that started over whose vomit was left in the dorm toilet.

Stories like that make us sick.

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