Former Heisman Winner Eric Crouch Cut By CFL Team

CANADIAN TEAM TELLS ERIC CROUCH TO TAKE OFF, HOSER: Former Heisman winner and Nebraska legend Eric Crouch is looking for work again:

Eric Crouch Unemployment Office

The CANADIAN PRESS reports that Crouch has been let go by the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League. The 2001 Heisman Trophy winner was about to come off the injured reserve list when he was given the heave-ho.

Since joining the team in February 2006, Crouch has gone 6-for-13 for 127 yards and an interception in two seasons. The Argos kicked him to the curb in favor of ex-Pats 3rd stringer Michael Bishop, ex-Lions non-factor Mike McMahon, and Rockey “With an ‘e’” Butler.

USC Bill Callahan

Well, at least Crouch now has time to head down to Lincoln to check out this weekend’s Huskers-Trojans game. If things get too hairy against USC, Bill Callahan may throw a red jersey on Eric and hope for the best.