Former Giant Caught Evading Jail To Watch Bowl

Former Giants wide receiver turned bank fraud artist Mark Ingram evading the start of a lengthy jail sentence once for pleading leniency so he could watch his son, also named Mark, play in a big college football game. When he didn’t show a second time, federal marshals started a manhunt and tracked him down … just as he was about to watch his son play in the Sugar Bowl.

mark ingram
(Ingram’s hat had stripes on it, but evidently they were the wrong color.)

According to NEWSDAY, Ingram was arrested in an Auburn Hills hotel room by federal marshals just before the start of Friday’s night Sugar Bowl, in which his son, Alabama running back Mark Ingram, was a starter. Of course, the night got worse from there: Not only did the elder Ingram not get to watch the game, his son’s team was blasted, 31-14, by a supposedly overmatched Utah team.

Ingram, who starred in New York’s 1990 Super Bowl win over the Bills, is not new to the whole “illegal funds” prison term. He was arrested and spent time in a federal prison in 2001 for trying to use couterfeit cash in Miami. This most recent charge comes after he tried to launder $100,000 for clients he was led to believe were drug dealers. It turns out they were actually FBI agents. That’s strike two against ol’ Mark.

It turns out strike three was a letter he sent to federal prosecutors when announcing that he wasn’t turning himself over to federal prosecutors on Dec. 11, as he was scheduled to, in Kentucky. He wrote U.S. District Judge Denis Hurley to say that he hadn;t been able to discuss possible appeals with his lawyer, and that he would surrender after the two had discussed his options. Evidently that discussion took 22 days.

There’s no word on how Ingram’s prison evasion might affect his sentence, or his chance of parole for good behavior. But one thing is known: It’s already elicited an absolutely horrific football metaphor from Federal Prosecutor Richard Donoghue.

“In the game of life, Mr. Ingram apparently has fumbled, and the government is now in possession.”

Ugh. That’s horrible. An early contender for “worst sports metaphor of 2009,” just as Ingram might be a late contender for “dumbest sports criminal of 2008.” Fitting, isn’t it?

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