Former Boxing Champ Homeless In Camden, NJ

Back in the day, Rocky Lockridge was a bad, bad man. At one point, he was 33-3 and holding the junior lightweight title after knocking out Roger Mayweather (Floyd Jr.’s uncle, if you were curious; video of that knockout is below). Things, however, went south in a hurry.

Rocky Lockridge homeless
(Once on top of the world, now… this.)

Lockridge has been found on the streets of Camden, New Jersey; he’s now 50 and homeless. In the least surprising detail in history, he’s abusing alcohol and drugs on a daily basis, something probably closely related to the fact that he’s also estranged from his wife and family. Not all hope is lost, however.

As NBC NEW YORK points out, there’s an organization for people like him willing to help - with one important condition:

“Now I’m ready for this, mentally and physically, to get me back on track…I am in dire need of that kind of support and I want it. I’ve been knocked down. Now I’m finally ready to get back up,” Lockridge said.

The Retired Boxers Foundation would help Lockridge with supplemental security income, housing and Medi-Cal, but he must be sober, the foundation said.

That’s probably better than the $140 a month Lockridge reportedly lives on. Drug use is a cold, cunning bitch to get rid of, though, and Lockridge is hardly the first strong man to be laid low by the bottle or nose candy.

But underneath the addled shell and scraggly beard, there’s this guy:

Now that’s a knockout. Good heavens, that made my teeth rattle. Those days are, of course, long gone - especially since BUMFIGHTS.COM is no longer operational - but if … if he can kick the drugs, 50’s not terribly old, especially for someone who was a healthy 128 pounds in his prime. Maybe he’s got a few decades left with his family.

And if he can’t get sober, well, he’d be neither the first nor last to fall into permanent ruin like that. It’d still be a damn shame.