Forget First Class! Joe Buck Has Own Private Jet

I broadcasted sports for ten years in the major and minor leagues, and had a buddy tell me today that Joe Buck had a private jet. After scouting around I confirmed that information. Buck co-owns a $12.6 million 800XP Raytheon Hawker jet.

Joe Buck Owns Private Jet With Rams Quarterback Marc Bulger

Buck owns the aircraft with Marc Bulger, quarterback of the St. Louis Rams.

Buck reportedly makes around $6M in salary from Fox-TV, but that doesn’t account for his numerous endorsements, which currently include national television commercials for a rental car company.

If you had Buck’s extensive travel schedule, would you go halvsies on a $13M plane to avoid airports and the crush of intrusive admirers? (Okay, that might be overstating his celebrity a little.)

If I was Buck and I had the means, I absolutely would. I wouldn’t sacrifice my children’s college education, but if I could skim $6.5M off the top to avoid airport security and god knows what else at bag claim, I’m on it. First class, once you get on the plane, is great. The problem is GETTING ON THE PLANE.

Speaking of intrusive admirers, don’t even think about it.