Foreman’s Son ‘Pokes’ Winehouse, New Breasts

Frankly speaking, George Foreman’s sons have not been pulling their weight. There’s what, five of them? And as far as I know they haven’t been in the news at all — not so much as a DUI. Feh. But wait, what’s this?

George Foreman III, Amy Winehouse

George Foreman III, 27, is possibly dating Amy Winehouse? Now we’re talkin’. Actually they’re probably not dating, but what Foreman did recently makes for an infinitely better headline: He poked her on Facebook. And apparently she poked him back. Is that how it goes? Sorry, I’m old fashioned — I don’t believe young people should go past friending on a first date.

According to the not-in-any-way-disreputable British tabloid THE SUN, Winehouse was in London recently recovering from breast-enhacement surgery, and spent most of her time chatting with Foreman III on Facebook. They should get along famously: She’s got fake breasts, and he fights real boobs.

They have been in daily contact on Facebook — where you can “poke” pals — and Amy has been gushing about it at The London Clinic in Mayfair as she recovers from her boob job.

One patient said: “His name is George Foreman and he boxes, just like his dad. Amy loves that he’s toned and very fit.”

Despite constantly wearing a shirt with “Blake’s Girl” emblazoned on it — a nod to ex-hubby BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL — the star is smitten with George III.

George Foreman is a devout Christian and has raised his sons in that environment, and they’ve grown up to be good kids, for which he is to be commended. Too bad that’s all over now for George III.

So there you have it. Hopefully now we can put this ugliness behind us and get on with our lives.