Forde: Pitino Calling 3PM Press Conference Today

Pat Forde of ESPN just tweeted: “Rick Pitino has called 3 a.m. (sic) press conference. No indication of the subject yet.

Rick Pitino Pat Forde Karen Sypher

I’ve criticized Forde enough on his non-coverage of Pitino’s extra-marital sex and abortion case, and I hate to be cynical … but if anyone knows the subject of the presser, it’s Forde. (He co-authored a book with Pitino and has a home in Louisville.)

My guess: Pitino, via the Feds, will announce a plea agreement with Karen Sypher, the woman Pitino is accusing of extortion. The reason I say that is I have a feeling there aren’t any self-respecting lawyers who want to defend Sypher, and Pitino absolutely does not want the case to goto trial.

That said, the Feds are in control of everything, and you would think they would be calling the press conference if there was material news on the case to announce. So we’ll have to see - and that could be a reason why Forde is being in genuine in claiming not to knowing what’s going on.

UPDATE: Several emailers speculating to me that Pitino might resign. I have a call into someone who might know. Stay tuned.