Forbes Celebrity 100 List Reports Michelle Wie Made 19 Million Last Year

REPORT - WINLESS WIE MADE $19 MILLION DOLLARS IN ‘06: The Forbes “Celebrity 100″ is out, and as usual, there is plenty of representation from the world of athletic endeavor:

1) Oprah ($266M)
2) Tiger Woods($100M)
15) David Beckham ($33M)
16) Phil Mickelson ($42M)

Phil Mickelson

23) Kobe Bryant ($23M)
24) Michael Schumacher ($36M)
25) Shaquille O’Neill ($22M)
29) Alex Rodriguez ($29M)
31) Ronaldinho ($31M)
35) Michael Jordan ($31M)

Michael Jordan Cabo Coeds

38) Roger Federer ($29M)
46) Oscar De La Hoya ($43M)
48) Lebron James ($27M)
50) Derek Jeter ($28M)
51) Maria Sharapova ($23M)

69) Serena Williams ($14M)
70) Michelle Wie ($19M)
83) Annika Sorenstam ($10)

Annika Sorenstam Razor LPGA Logo Photos Pictures

95) Danica Patrick ($5)

Other notables: Cast of Desperate Housewives (Eva Longoria) ($16M, 47th), Tom Brady’s beat piece Gisele Bundchen ($33M!, 53rd), DETROIT FREE PRESS sports columnist and author Mitch Albom ($6M, 96th).

The rankings obviously aren’t solely based on annual compensation. Instead, the polling is tabulated taking into account the celeb’s influence in the world of internet, TV and Media.

Random observations:

The person who stands out most is winless Michelle Wie, who is ranked 70th and earned a staggering $19M last year - $12M more than Bill Clinton.

Kobe Bryant himself made more than the band U2 ($33M to $30M).

Phil Mickelson quietly pulled down $42M. Forget that … PHIL MICKELSON MADE FORTY-TWO MILLION F—ING DOLLARS!!!