For U Of M Sex Offender, Law Trumps NFL Dreams

There’s a lesson in here for all of you reading; if you’re hoping to try out for the NFL, I’d advise you not to masturbate on a passed-out woman and record it on your cell phone.

Dominic Jones

Former University of Minnesota star Dominic Jones was barred by a judge’s ruling from leaving the state and traveling to Ohio for one day to participate in open NFL tryouts. Rather than doing it to spare Jones’ feelings from being rejected by 32 teams, the county says that he’s not getting any special treatment; he’s just a regular “untreated sex offender.”

You’ll remember Jones as a standout sophomore cornerback, whose career ended abruptly in 2007 after an on-campus party. Three of his teammates had sex with a drunk girl, but only Jones was stupid enough to record his own encounter on a phone.

He was acquitted of rape charges but found guilty of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct, and served eight months in the workhouse. (Workhouse? Apparently, Minnesota closely resembles a Dickens novel.) He was released March 2nd, but has yet to begin mandatory counseling and treatment.

Assistant County Attorney Marlene Senechal, who heads the violent crimes division, argued that Jones should not be allowed to go because he is an “untreated sex offender” and his chances of playing in the NFL are “unrealistic.” She said, “It would be inappropriate for him to leave the state.”

[Defense lawyer Earl] Gray took issue with Senechal’s characterization of Jones’ chances, saying he should at least be given an opportunity to try out for the NFL. “In order to be successful on probation, it would seem to me a man should be able to pursue his career,” Gray said.

Hey, even if he can’t leave the state, he could still play 8 games a year for the Vikings, where his sexual deviance would fit right in.