For Favre, $500-a-Throw Means Enormous Paycut

After word filtered out last night that Brett Favre would miss his first start since 1992, Favre’s official website published a new memorabilia offer.

 Brett Favre per throw

(Cal Ripken’s similar offer: $550 per AB)

Florio first noted that for $499.99, Favre had begun offering, a “Signed and inscribed 297 Starts Football.


The football displayed in the Favre offer retails for $80, so you’re essentially paying $419.99 for the quarterback’s signature.

But don’t forget that as part of the sale, “A portion of all proceeds will go to the Favre 4 Hope Foundation”!


After surfing around Favre’s official site, didn’t take long to find another $500 offer for a similarly signed, generic football celebrating Favre’s 500th touchdown pass.

$500-a-throw seem like a lot for an iPad autograph? Not when you’re Vikings Owner Zygi Wilf

Based on Favre’s pro-rated, reported $20 million salary this season with the Vikings, through 13 games the quarterback has made $16.25 million to date. So for each of his 361 passes this season, Wilf has paid Favre $21,600.

Welp, I suppose it could be worse for Zygi .. it’s not like his team’s stadium roof is going to collapse anytime soon.

Good lord.