Football Coaches Forced 7 to 13 Year Olds Into Drastic Weight Loss Measures

FOOTBALL KIDS FORCED TO EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS TRICKS: The TRAVERSE CITY (MI) RECORD-EAGLE has the disturbing story of two football coaches who went too far in helping players lose weight:


Last year, about a dozen players for the Danbury, CT, Pop Warner team were above the 110-pound weight limit just days before their first game - with one kid over by 9 pounds. Two volunteer coaches decided to take drastic measures to ensure rapid weight loss.The boys - between the ages of 7 and 13 - were forced to sweat it out in saunas, and drive around in cars with the windows rolled up & the heaters on full blast.

Garbage bags

They practiced while wearing plastic garbage bags, hoping to sweat away more pounds. Some were even given over-the-counter diuretic pills to speed up fluid loss and reduce more weight.Although the players did lose enough to reach the 100-lb limit, parents complained to authorities about the extreme actions taken.

The coaches were charged with felony child endangerment, which can carry up to 10 years in prison. But the two avoided prosecution when they entered a program for first-time offenders. If they complete two years’ probation, the charges will be dropped.

Someone should force them to wear garbage bags, too.