Fmr Yankees Reliever Admits Alcoholism Problem

Mariano Rivera has given his life to Christ, even marking his glove with Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who is strengthening me.”  In that spirit, he approached fellow (then-)Yankee reliever Scott Proctor and urged him to clean up his act.  It took a few years, but Proctor (now out for the year for the Marlins) finally took Rivera’s advice and joined Alcoholics Anonymous for his drinking problem.

Scott Proctor and family

In a conversation with THE NEW YORK TIMES’ Tyler Kepner, Proctor admitted that he partied too hard and drank far too much to be his best at all times.  He also told the TIMES that he doesn’t remember many family events washed away by booze.  He’s now recovering from elbow surgery and alcoholism, rehabbing from both with the same intensity.

Proctor left the Yankees in 2007 after Joe Torre ran through his arm like a beaver through a tree trunk and has been bouncing around ever since, joining the Dodgers in a trade and then the Marlins in a free agent pickup that never panned out.

(By the way, did the Dodgers know they were trading for an alcohol-soaked fellow?  Did the Yankees know they were trading one away?  Rivera seemed to.)

He’d like to rejoin the Yankees next season, but his rehab on both counts has a long way to go.  Besides, they’ve got their own hard-partying boy to deal with at the moment.  Maybe Proctor can help explain how to avoid such fatigue.