Fmr. Cheerleader Won’t Leave Bar, Gets Arrested

Sign number one that your reality contestant, former cheerleader fiancĂ©e might not be such a catch after all: she punches you in the face. Sign number two: she decides that the 2.a.m. last call in Texas isn’t late enough for her drinking needs, and the cops get involved.

Mary Delgado

Above is Mary Delgado, former Tampa Bay Bucs cheerleader, winning contestant on The Bachelor, and titleholder for “surprisingly hot mug shot,” tied with Carmen Electra and…no one else. Delgado was arrested Saturday night at a bar in Del Rio, Texas for becoming belligerent, as we all do, when someone cuts us off from the sweet teat of mama alcohol.

Told Lorina’s Cantina was closing, she refused to leave the bar, protesting that it was her “constitutional right” to stay as long as she wanted. She’s a lawyer too! A triple threat!

Sadly, cops weren’t aware of the 28th Amendment, the one that states that no entity shall deny an alcoholic access to their personal demons, especially not when they need it the most. Delgado showed her displeasure by kicking the crap out of a squad car.

This story does have a happy ending. Delgado was bailed out by her fiancĂ©, pro bass fisher and The Bachelor Byron Leftwich Velvick. They’ve been engaged since 2004, and would probably get married if she can prove she can go a year without getting arrested.